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Corporate Recruiting and Staffing Leadership Academy:
a STARoundtable Full-Day Workshop

These are tough times in the world of recruiting and staffing: reduced resources, slashed budgets, and less recruiting and hiring. Leading a corporate recruitment or staffing function is not easy. Maneuvering through corporate politics, planning processes, strategy development, managing relationships with internal and external constituencies, designing and implementing effective metrics, as well as leading, motivating, and managing a team of recruiting and staffing experts is a very significant task. This highly specialized workshop has been developed specifically for recruiting and staffing leaders who want to improve, and optimize their skills.

» Why you should attend?
» The Unique Academy format and the STARoundtable Handset
» A strategic viewpoint- it all starts with Workforce Planning
» Consultation and Contracting
» Metrics are all the rage…but why?
» Leading and motivating recruitment professionals
» What You’ll Learn
» Alumni Resources and Materials
» Locations

Download a STARoundtable Academy Brochure here

Why you should attend?

There are quite a few outstanding training classes that focus on recruiting and staffing skills. You may even find a few excellent conferences to go to…but nowhere will you find the kind of small group interaction, comprehensive strategic recruitment LEADERSHIP workshop that is being offered here.

  • Led and facilitated by recruitment and staffing thought leaders, you will interact with other recruiting and staffing leaders on a journey to improve the way you strategically and tactically lead the recruiting function within your organization.
  • The concepts and experiences that will be discussed in this workshop are based on real-life case studies and real-world staffing functions…not just concepts never practiced
  • The workshop is open only to organizational recruiting and staffing leaders (those who manage the recruiting and staffing function and/or a recruiting and staffing team), or individual recruiting and staffing professionals seeking to take a step up into leadership.
  • The workshop is closed to representatives of third party recruiting and staffing businesses.

The Unique Academy format and the STARoundtable Handset

This workshop is unlike any other you have participated in. The workshop operates in modules. Some modules are presented in a seminar style (with a traditional presenter, interacting with the participants), other modules are offered as facilitated roundtables (where discussion from the members of the groups form the basis of conversation). Unique to the Corporate Recruiting and Staffing Leadership Academy workshop is the use of high-tech, audience response handheld technology: the STARoundtable Handset.

Throughout the workshop, facilitators and presenters will ask questions requiring the use of the STARoundtable Handset. Responses are immediately, and wirelessly transmitted anonymously for the entire group to see. The use of the handheld technology throughout the workshop increases the learning experience for the participants. The use of the STARoundtable Handset allows your facilitators and presenters the ability to:
  • Gather "unbiased" and anonymous responses then share what the group is thinking for immediate feedback and group discussion.
  • Turn data gathered during your session into valuable research information you will receive as part of your Academy Alumni resources
  • Gather data and align with participant demographics.

A strategic viewpoint- it all starts with Workforce Planning

As a participant in this workshop, you will learn that planning and managing an effective recruiting function depends upon your ability to plan and manage against demand…using the concept of workforce planning you will be able to more effectively plan, organize, and manage your organization’s recruiting and staffing systems. In this workshop, we will specifically discuss the concept of workforce planning and how it can be implemented. You will leave the workshop with specific tools and templates that you can modify and implement in your own organization to complete and clearly understand your own unique workforce plan

Consultation and Contracting

The basis of all great recruiting and staffing excellence is the understanding that recruiting is really about building and cultivating relationships. As recruiting and staffing leaders, we have to build and cultivate relationships with many different constituencies. We often encounter situations from our senior leadership, colleagues, or even candidates for employment where we may have to say “no”. Recruiting and staffing professionals serve as expert consultants; we are not “customer service” order-fillers. It is our duty to be able to “push back” where and when necessary. We will explore how to master the ability to “push back” and to say “no” when necessary without confrontation…and how to teach our teams to do the same. The concept of contracting in recruiting and staffing leadership and in day-to-day work is key to consultative practices…we’ll also learn how to develop a contracting culture that is right for your organization. Also, we’ll discuss the design, development and implementation of service level agreements (SLAs) from the most simple to the most complex.

Metrics are all the rage…but why?

Everyone talks about recruiting and staffing metrics…many of us actually have implemented and are using quality metrics within our own organizations. During this workshop, we will discuss the concept of metrics from a practical point of view: we only will measure what is important to our business. There are many ‘off the shelf metrics that recruiting and staffing leaders pick off the “menu”…but in our workshop, we discuss how to measure what matters…and the only way to do that is to find out from the business directly. After the workshop, you will have the tools to go out and ask the right questions from the right people inside of your organization to be able to design metrics that are valuable to more than just the recruiting and HR departments, but to the organization overall.

Leading and motivating recruitment professionals.

Finding great people is our business…but finding and keeping great recruitment professionals is often very difficult. What makes a recruiter great? How do we find great recruiters? Once we find great recruiters, how do we keep them motivated, developed, and ready for more? This workshop will explore some answers to these questions, and best practice approaches you can take back and use.

What You’ll Learn
  • How to implement workforce planning inside of your organization.
  • How to translate the data from workforce plans into staffing strategies.
  • How to navigate complex political issues and situations specifically dealing with staffing and recruiting.
  • How use “contracting” in our day-to-day relationships.
  • How to design and use Service Level Agreements to maximize partnerships.
  • How to manage expectations of hiring managers, senior leaders, candidates, and vendors.
  • How to position ourselves as “expert consultants” not internal vendors.
  • How to ensure that important external constituencies, such as candidates and vendors are treated with respect and dignity while at the same time getting your message across.
  • The importance of and the technique for saying “no” to candidates appropriately.
  • How to leverage confrontations into consultations.
  • How to determine what measures and metrics to utilize inside of your organization.
  • How to manage and lead the recruitment and staffing function using metrics data.
  • A direct, business-oriented philosophy of leading an internal corporate recruitment function.
  • Great learnings from case-studies and real-life staffing functions.
  • And lot’s more.

Alumni Resources and Materials

Academy participants will receive a printed workbook and resource guide during their participation in the workshop. In addition, All Academy participants will receive exclusive access to the STARoundtable Corporate Recruiting and Staffing Leadership Academy Alumni Library. The Alumni Library is a password protected site, and is filled with outstanding downloadable information including all resources that are referenced in the workshop (these include example templates, tools, case studies, white papers, etc.) All materials provided to participants in hard copy are also provided in soft copy format for use. We also provide a forum for participants to share their own success practices with other workshop participants in this online forum.


Presented at fully functional high-tech, executive conference facilities in convenient, regional locations… usually co-located with major academic institutions.

Comprehensive 2/3 of a day workshop
Tuition: $795.00

Registration Information:

If you are interested in receiving an invitation to participate in the STARoundtable Corporate Recruiting Leadership Academy, please send an email to info[at]staroundtable.com (or call (877) 201-7827) with your request.